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As an up-and-coming company, Cheema Hire prides itself on providing top quality trade equipment at affordable rates. We are proud to establish a friendly and responsive relationship with our local community. With roots in the Greater Western Sydney region, we aim to provide trade equipment hire to Sydney siders. So, regardless if you are an expert on the job or doing a DIY project, Cheema Hire works with you! 

One of our main priorities as a hire service is to provide you with options. We want to create a one-stop hire service to ensure that your trading equipment needs are covered. Due to this, we provide various trade hire products from a range of industries. So whether it is construction, landscaping, or for demolition, we can hire out tools to an array of trading industries. 

Furthermore, our aim as a company is to give you the best bang for your buck. As a result, our hire rates are highly affordable. We understand that often, there are specific deadlines and budgets that need to be met. Because of this, we have a range of hire prices according to your project needs. We have competitive hiring prices when compared to others in the industry. Better yet, our location in the Greater West means that you do not have to travel far to hire trade equipment. This means that you can get what you are after very easily. If picking up poses a challenge, we have a solution too! We can deliver to you for an additional cost as well. Thus, Cheema Hire provides a hiring service that considers any budget or project demand. Our honest, kind, and friendly team are always here to help you!

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