Ladder Hire

Our ladder hire Sydney is versatile and designed with the operator in mind. The sizes of our step ladder hire are the following: 1.2m, 1.5m, and 2.4m. Because of these sizes, we can cater to those who need a medium to high ladder hire for their project. These ladder rentals are great for maintenance jobs, construction, renovation, and gardening. It is perfect for anyone who needs to access areas that are out of reach. So, scroll below to find out more about our ladder hire Sydney options.

The best part about renting our ladder hire is that we value your safety! Our ladder rentals have safety features including anti-slip treads. Due to this, we provide a ladder hire service that is of a high standard. We want you to get the best use out of your high ladder hire – and safely too.

In addition, we have ladders that are suitable for both domestic and construction sites. Our 1.2 and 1.5m is a ladders are suitable for most domestic areas. As for our 2.4m ladder hire, it is designed for construction sites. This is because our 2.4m ladder is made fromĀ  fibreglass. So, this high ladder hire can be used around live electricals. Due to this, we have a step ladder hire suitable for those who work in the electrical or automotive industry. So, our ladder hire Sydney considers all kinds of operators. Whether it is for a home project or a professional one, our high ladder hire has multiple uses. To see our other trade equipment hire Sydney products, click here. For further information about how to contact Cheema Hire, press here.

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