3.5 kva Generator Hire


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3.5 kva Generator Hire Pricing

Daily $95

Weekend (2 days) $185

Weekly (5 days) $350


This 3.5 kva generator rental is a great way to power tools on the job. In addition, the generator can power appliances and even some electronics. This is because of the Pure Sine Wave Technology (THD<5%) which is built into the generator. Due to this, the waves of energy transferred are evenly distributed. Thus, ensuring that newer technologies such as LCD tvs can be powered safely. So, whether it is for a job site or to power your appliances while renovating, this generator is highly appropriate. Thus, this 3.5 kva generator rental is versatile, powerful, and durable.

The durability of this generator rental is evident in its fuel capacity. Since it has a tank capacity of 15L, it can generate power for longer periods of time. When used at full load, the generator consistently runs for 6.5 hours. If used at half load, it runs constantly for 9 hours. Best of all, this generator has an automatic voltage regulator. Therefore, this generator rental is not only economical, but highly functional too.

Furthermore, this generator rental is portable and produces low noise. Since it has a petrol tank, you can move this generator with ease. Therefore, you can use the generator exactly where you desire. In addition, the in-built large muffler ensures that this generator does not produce much noise. Since it is designed to make less noise, it is practical for anytime. Whether it is early in the morning or overnight, this generator rental is appropriate. So, enquire now about this 3.5 kva generator rental. To see more of our construction hire equipment, press here. To see further details about our power tool hire, press here.

Size and Specifications
  • Dimensions – 595mm x 465mm x 535mm
  • Weight (Net) – 48kg
  • Fuel Capacity – 15L
  • Voltage – 240V
  • Rated power – 3.1kva
  • Max power – 3.5kva
  • Displacement – 208cc
  • Run Time Load
    • At 50% – 9 hours
    • At 100% – 6.5hours
  • Powering electronic tools
  • Powering sensitive electronics and appliances
  • Backup power for homes or offices
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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