7 kva Generator Hire


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7 kva Generator  hire Pricing

Daily $120

Weekend (2 days) $240

Weekly (5 days) $450


This 7 kva generator hire Sydney is very powerful and designed for long term use. With a powerful engine, it is designed to be used for extended times. So, whether it is used as an office or house back up, and even for a construction site, this generator is suited.  Thus, enquire about this 7 kva generator hire Sydney.

In addition, this generator hire Sydney is very portable. With wheels attached to the generator framework, it can be easily moved around a job site. Therefore, this means that it is a flexible product that provides you choices. When hiring this out, you work where it best suits you. The ease of use is also evident in its handle. By having a u-shaped handle, you can grip this equipment relatively easily. Therefore, this generator hire Sydney is functional and designed with the operator in mind.

Better yet, the fuel tank capacity ensures that the generator powers tools for a long time. At a full load, this generator runs constantly for 14 hours. Alternatively, at half the load, it can run consistently for 17.5 hours. This gives you plenty of time to reach your project deadlines. Thus, this generator hire Sydney is ideal for large scaled and professional jobs. To find further details about our other construction hire products, press here. To see further details about our power tool hire, press here.

Size and Specifications
  • Dimensions – L: 700mm x W: 530mm x H: 625mm
  • Weight – 83kg
  • Run Time Load
    • At 50% – 17.5 hours
    • At 100% 14 hours
  • Displacement – 389cc
  • Fuel Tank Capacity – 40L
  • Amperage – 20.8A
  • Powering electronic tools
  • Powering sensitive electronics and appliances
  • Backup power for homes or offices
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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