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This Bike Trailer Hire does not include motorcycle straps.


This bike trailer hire Sydney is perfect for hauling motorcycles and trail bikes.* It is light, robust, and designed with the operator in mind. So, regardless of if it is for a BMX competition or a weekend getaway, this motorcycle trailer is appropriate. Enquire now with Cheema Hire about this motorbike trailer hire. You will certainly not be disappointed.

The major feature of this motorcycle trailer hire is its consideration for the operator. With loading ramps built into the hire trailer, it is easy to use. This makes it simple to tow and load the bikes. In addition, it also has a jerry can holder. As a result, you can store extra petrol for your bikes. Simply just fill your own jerry can with petrol and you have a place to store it. This function of the motorcycle trailer hire makes it appropriate for weekend getaways. So, speak with us today about this bike trailer hire Sydney. 

Even better, this motorbike trailer hire considers safety too. With tie down anchor points, it makes transporting the bikes easy. Not only this, the anchor points ensure that you can move your bikes safely. Thus, these anchor points help prevent abrasion or your bikes falling off the trailer. In addition, there are led lights located on the back of the hire trailer. As a result, this bike trailer hire Sydney is safe and reliable. This provides you with the flexibility to travel during the day or night. So, contact Cheema Hire about this bike trailer hire Sydney today. For more details about how to reach us, press here. Alternatively, to see more about our hire trailer range, press here.

Size and Specifications
  • Transports 3 dirt bikes or 1 road bike
  • Dimensions (internal) – outer section: W: 0.16m x L: 2m
  • Dimensions (internal) – middle section: W: 0.2m x L: 2.4m
  • Dimensions (external) – 3.2m x 2.1m x 0.8m
  • Tow vehicle (minimum weight) – 1200kg
  • Load Capacity – 520kg
  • Ideal for motocross, trailer bike trips

*We advise that you check your hauling vehicles towing vehicle capacity before hiring. To use this hire trailer safely, your towing vehicle needs to weigh the same (or more) than the ATM (Aggregate Mass Trailer). 

Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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