Box Trailer 8×5 Hire


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Box Trailer 8×5 Hire Pricing

Daily Price $100

Weekend (2 days) $200

Weekly (5 days) $350


This box trailer hire Sydney is a safe, sturdy, and functional trailer option. With a 8ft x 5ft trailer size that includes a ramp, this box trailer is generously sized and easy to use. So, if you are moving appliances, furniture, trade equipment, or valuables, this box trailer 8×5 hire is appropriate.* Therefore, enquire now about this versatile box trailer hire Sydney. 

One advantage of this box trailer hire Sydney is its tandem design. Since this is a tandem trailer, it is very secure and stable. This is because it has two axels and hence, two extra wheels. As a result, this box trailer 8×5 is durable and flexible as it carries heavier loads; this is compared to single axel trailers. Due to its durability, it is commonly used on jobsites. So, if you are after a safe trailer option, this box trailer hire Sydney is the perfect solution.

In addition, this box trailer hire Sydney is ideal for house moves. The mesh wired sidings are strong and durable. As a result, you can move valuables and sensitive items with ease. The wiring headboard design is also a safety feature too. By the sidings being wired, the driver has a clearer view behind them; this is compared to solid headboard designs. Better yet, since it has an open roof, you are not limited by height. Therefore, you can safely haul taller items in a safe and secure manner. Thus, this box trailer hire Sydney is ideal for moving furniture, household goods, and expensive equipment. So enquire now by clicking here. To see our other trailer hire products, press here.

Size and Specifications:
  • Trailer Size – 8ft x 5ft
  • Tare Weight – 500kg
  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) – 1,950kg
  • Tandem Trailer with mesh ramp
  • House removals
  • Moving furniture and appliances
  • Transporting sensitives or valuables
  • Construction and trade
  • Rubbish removal

*Please always check if your vehicle can tow this box trailer. In particular, it is advised to check your vehicle’s towing capacity. It is also important to check the carrying capacity rating of your tyres.

Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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