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This car trailer hire Sydney is safe, smooth, and efficient for vehicle transportation. It is a great alternative to a towing truck and has many applications. For instance, it is suitable for hauling classic cars, performance cars, machinery, or small vehicles. Anything related to moving small automotive or construction machinery, this car trailer hire Sydney has you covered. Therefore, this cheap car trailer hire is very practical. Enquire now with Cheema Hire about this trailer rental. 

Our car trailer hire Sydney has a solid construction. With a tandem (dual axel) construction, it is built for moving heavy loads. Therefore, it is designed to handle the weight of cars and machines.* In addition, the dual axels have a hydraulic disc brake system. As a result, it has a short stopping distance and heat dissipation. This is an important safety feature which makes this a durable, reliable hire trailer option. Better yet, since the hydraulic system is on both axels, you get double the breaking efficiency. So, contact us today about this car trailer hire Sydney. It’s a hire trailer that you do not want to miss out on.

In addition, this car trailer hire Sydney considers the operator’s safety too. Coming with 6 inch built-in ramps, this hire trailer is designed with ease of use. The ramps ensure that you can load and unload safely and easily. No need to strain yourself with moving your vehicle, this ramp makes the job effortless. Furthermore, the hire trailer also has six tie down points. This means that you can strap your vehicle in efficiently. This is a safety feature which prevents abrasion from occurring. It also makes it ideal for long distance hauling. So, this car trailer hire Sydney has everything you need. To contact us about this hire trailer, press here. To see our other trailer hire products, click here.

Size and Specifications
  • Load Capacity – 2240kg
  • Gross Weight – 3400kg
  • Dimensions (internal) – L: 3.9m x W: 1.9m x H: 0.2m
  • Dimensions (external) – L: 5.7m x W: 2.5m x H: 0.8m
  • Weight of Trailer – 960kg
  • Axels – Duraflex 45mm square
  • Moving cars for races, shows
  • Ideal for transporting unregistered cars, classic cars, performance cars
  • Towing vehicles to new residence or mechanics
  • Hauling brand new vehicles to a dealership
  • Transporting bulky machinery and construction equipment


*We advise that you check your hauling vehicles towing vehicle capacity before hiring. To use thishire trailer safely, your towing vehicle needs to weigh the same (or more) than the ATM (Aggregate Mass Trailer). 

Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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