Cement Mixer Hire


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Cement Mixer Hire Pricing:

Daily $56.00

Weekend (2 days) $112.00

Weekly (5 days) $192.00


This cement mixer hire is perfectly suited to projects that are small to medium sized. This concrete mixer is ideal for those working in the construction industry or for outdoor at-home projects. Since the cement mixer is industrially engineered, the mixer is reliable and top quality. So, whether it is for a tradesperson or a handyman, this concrete mixer hire is suitable.

This concrete mixer for hire is very functional because of its durability. With a bowl size of 2.2 cubic feet, this product can create a concrete wet mix of a decent size. In addition, the bowl can withstand this amount of weight due to the beaters. Included in this bowl are six beaters which are heavy-duty. This ensures that the concrete is mixed thoroughly and evenly. Thereby, ensuring that your concrete mix is of a high standard. 

Furthermore, the steel frame of this concrete mixer enables it to withstand a maximum weight of 2.2 cubic feet. Adding to this, the wheel is also able to handle heavy weights with its polymer construction. Moreover, the axels provide the support to the wheels with its heavy duty design. So, you can hire this mixer with the knowledge that it is both practical and stable. Thus, these properties make this cement mixer hire a reliable, durable option. To find out more about our other construction hire products, click here.

Size and Specifications:
  • Capacity of mixing bowl- 2.2 cubic feet  approximately 62L
  • Size- L:750mm x W:650mm x H:110mm
  • Six beaters in bowl
  • Electrically powered
  • Motor covered provided: polymer material
  • Building projects
  • Construction
  • Home projects 


Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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