Dingo Mini Loader Hire


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Dingo Mini Loader Hire Pricing

Daily $225

Weekend (2 days) $445

Weekly (5 days) $790


Our dingo mini loader hire Sydney is great for any landscaping or earth moving project. With a chassis that is highly robust, this loader is durable and reliable. It is regarded as one of the best on offer in the market. So, regardless of if you are a DIY-er or work on a construction site, this mini loader would be suitable. Therefore, enquire now about our dingo mini loader hire Sydney. 

Since this mini loader hire Sydney is durable, it is a practical option. The durability of this loader is also evident in its all wheel drive function. Since it has all wheel drive, it can be used on slippery surfaces. So, if you are working in muddy conditions or through the rain, this mini loader hire Sydney can deliver on its intended purpose. In addition, it has an engine horsepower of 20hp, with a hydraulic horsepower of 19.2hhp. With a rated lift capacity of 275kg WLL, it withstands considerable weights. Thus, this mini loader hire Sydney is suitable for small to medium sized projects. 

In addition, the design of this dingo mini loader considers the operator’s comfort. Firstly, the soft control buttons ensure that the control panel is accurate and easy to use. As a result, this soft touch control system reduces fatigue. Thus, the operator can comfortably work for an extended time period. Secondly, the working platform has a low centre of gravity. Due to this, the mini loader hire Sydney has an increased traction which makes this loader stable. Consequently, the dingo mini loader can trench up to a 30% greater pull and 30% extra push power when compared to others. Therefore, if you are looking for a reliable and comfortable mini loader hire Sydney, this is the one for you. To find out more about our earthmoving products, press here.

Size and Specifications
  • Dimensions (overall) – L:1600mm x W:850-1050mm x H:1200mm
  • Engine – Kohler: Diesel  KD425
  • 2 Hydraulic pumps sized at 9cc and 3.5cc
  • Hydraulic output – 38 L/m
  • Travel Speed Max – 5km/h
  • Rated Lift capacity – 275kg WLL
  • Ground Clearance 135mm
  • Machine Mass – 847kg
  • Moving earth materials including soil, gravel, sand, dirt, mulch
  • Scraping and levelling
  • Trenching 
  • Augering
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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