E20 Excavator Hire


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E20 Excavator Hire Pricing

Daily $396

Weekend (2 days) $570

Weekly (5 days) $1400


Our E20 excavator hire Sydney service is first-class. With a range of uses, this mini excavator hire is ideal for small to medium sized projects. For example, the excavator is ideal for demolition of smaller spaces and structures, digging holes, tree stump removal, creating trenches, and levelling ground. So, if you were needing to dig a surface area, this mini excavator hire Sydney is the one for you. 

One of the major benefits of our E20 excavator hire is its functionality. With a design that is compact, it can reach small areas. Due to this, this mini excavator hire Sydney is suited to those hard to reach areas. In addition, the excavator can be moved in multiple directions without needing much room. Therefore, it can be easily repositioned in tighter areas. This makes sure that you can complete your project effectively. So, this mini excavator hire Sydney is functional, efficient, and produces top results.

Moreover, this excavator hire is intended for versatility. With a zero tail swing, it ensures that you can reach difficult places without damage. Better yet, it is stable as well since it has a heavy counterweight. Therefore, you can operate this excavator with ease. In addition, this excavator hire Sydney has a high visibility for operators. The cab has large windows with small pillars in between. Thus, this makes operating the machine so easy. So, enquire now about this excavator hire Sydney. To find out more about our other earth moving products, click here.

Sizes and Specifications
  • Operating weight – 1930kg
  • Power – 9.9kw
  • Bucket Digging Force – 20, 835N
  • Maximum Reach (at ground level) – 4.3m
  • Width of excavator – 991mm
  • Zero tail swing
  • Suited to tight spaces
  • Trenching¬†
  • Digging
  • Demolition
  • Drainage
  • Excavation
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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