Earth Auger Hire


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Earth Auger Hire Pricing

Daily $80

Weekend (2 days) $160

Weekly (5 days) $275

Earth Auger – also called the earth drill or post-hole auger.


This earth auger hire is ideal for those undertaking semi-large landscaping projects. For instance, it is ideal for those building a deck, fence, or even for planting gallon plants. Anything that requires a hole to be dug into the ground, this earth drill is perfectly suited for. 

One of the most desirable features of this earth auger hire is that it is ideal for one person. Since this can be used alone, it is perfect for those doing a one-man job. So, this would be fantastic for at home projects. In addition, the frame is designed for one-man jobs. With its slow vibration, it helps you to remain in control. Furthermore, it is designed with comfort in mind too. It has a cushion on one side so that the operator can use it with ease. So, this earth auger hire is great for those doing sole projects. 

Moreover, the post-hole auger considers safety too. In case of an emergency, it has a quick stop drill break. This prevents any issues that may occur when using the machine. Better yet, this feature also ensures that you can dig a hole more accurately. Thus, this machine is highly functional and safe. It is also light in weight as well, which only adds to the ease of using it. Therefore, this earth auger hire is great for those doing outdoor gardening or landscaping projects. To see more of our landscaping products for hire, click here.

Size and Specifications
  • Dimensions (including only the handle frame, not the drilling tool) – L: 400mm x W: 530mm x H: 365mm
  • Engine Type – 4 stroke, single cylinder 
  • Displacement 36.3 cm³
  • Large Fuel Tank – capacity of 0.71L
  • Weight (not including drilling tool) 10kg
  • Gardening
  • Building posts for fences and decks
  • Building posts for retaining walls
  • General Landscaping
  • Planting galloon plants
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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