Floor Edge Sander Hire


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Floor Edge Sander Hire Pricing

Daily $60

Weekend (2 days) $112

Weekly (5 days) $168


This floor edge sander for hire caters specifically to those in the construction industry. This very powerful machine is best for those undertaking large projects. This construction equipment can also be used for small difficult places such as walk-in closets, stairs, and along the edges of a floor space. Since this has a compact design, it is suitable for small places and hard to reach spots; the kind of places which most general floor sanders can not reach easily. Therefore, this is a great addition for those looking to make their work life as simple as possible.

In addition, this floor edge sander is designed for extended use. The design of the handle achieves this by having a double function. Firstly, the handle ensures that the operator has control of the machine. Secondly, the handle also supports the machine when changing over the discs. Since the handle is sturdy and flat, it can be used as a base when changing the discs. Simply just flip the machine around and change the discs. Therefore, making the change of discs a very efficient process. Moreover, this design ensures that it is not strenuous to use. So, this floor edge sander hire is best for professional jobs. 

Adding to this, the ease of use does not stop there. The castors which move the machine ensure that the edge sander can be manoeuvred effectively. Through being able to move this in multiple directions, you have a floor that is sanded beautifully without strenuous effort. Thus, hiring out this floor edge sander saves time while creating a professional, even, and smooth floor. Best of all, we have a range of other sanding products to make your job highly successful at a fraction of the estimated time. To find out more about this equipment for hire, click here.

Size and specifications
  • Dimensions – D: 505mm x W: 276mm x H: 325mm
  • Weight – 16.4kg
  • Sanding disc size – 178mm/ 7”
  • Noise – at 1 meter = 100dB
  • Vibration – 2.71㎨ r.m.s
  • Suited to tight areas including stairs, closets, and edges of rooms
  • Sanding wooden floors
  • Levelling wooden floors
  • Sanding timber/wooden decks
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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