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Floor Sander Hire Pricing

Daily $75

Weekend (2 days) $155

Weekly (5 days) $235


This floor sander for hire is a great way to finish off any wooden floor that needs levelling. In addition, it is also suited to those who are doing house renovations. For instance, the floor sander helps those who are wanting to re-stain or re-finish their floors. So, this is perfect for those in the construction industry or those undergoing renovations.

Firstly, this floor sander hire Sydney is user-friendly and designed to keep your floors in the best condition. The floor sander has a range of operable speeds; it has four different speed options which offer you choice. These speeds can be easily controlled, which ensures that it is user-friendly. In addition, the height of the floor sander can be adjusted too. Thus, ensuring that the operator can use this machine with ease. Thereby, your newly sanded floors will be in top condition.

The ease of this machine does not stop there. This floor sander hire also has a vacuum system that is very powerful. Attached to this vacuum is a disposable bag which collects all the dust. Due to this, it ensures that the clean up time is shortened. Therefore, this floor sander hire saves time, money, and labour costs. Better yet, the power cable for this floor sander should not create any marks. It is insulated with non-marking materials to ensure that your hard work does not go to waste. Above all, it has side guards which prevent marks on the walls. So, regardless of if you are a novice or an expert, you can hire this knowing that you will not damage walls or skirting. Moreover, this floor sander hire Sydney is perfect for finishing any genuine timber floor. To see our other construction hire equipment products, click here.

Size and Specifications:
  • Dimensions – D: 940mm x W: 322mm x H: 855mm
  • Weight – 41.5kg
  • Noise – at 1m meter: 95 dB
  • Vibration – 1.60㎨ r.m.s
  • Sanding disc size – 203mm/8”
  • Multiple Speeds (rpm)
    • 2,500 rpm
    • 2,650 rpm
    • 2,800 rpm
    • 3,300 rpm
  • Sanding of wooden floors
  • Levelling wooden floors
  • Sanding a wooden/timber deck
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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