Hedge Trimmer Hire


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Hedge Trimmer Hire Pricing

Daily $55

Weekend (2 days) $85

Weekly (5 days) $150


This hedge trimmer hire is a great tool for any elaborate landscaping project. For example, this tool is suited to trimming and shaping strong hedges. It is lightweight and has a double sided blade which makes this a highly functional landscaping tool. So, this is suited to those who are professional landscapers and for DIY projects too. Thus, this hedge trimmer hire is designed to make your hedges look clean and polished.

One of the major features of this hedge trimmer hire is its cutter blade. Since it is double-edged, you can easily cut through thick branches and hedges. Thus, this hedge trimmer for rent is ideal for professional use, or on properties that have strong, thick branches.  In addition, the double-edged cutter blade helps to make your cuts clean and crisp. Therefore, when hiring this out, you can know that your hedges are clean-cut. So, if you were wanting the best results for your hedges, this is the one for you.

Furthermore, this landscaping tool has an inbuilt anti-vibration system. Due to this, it is designed with the operator in mind. By having this system, this tool can be used for extended periods of time without fatigue. Therefore, this ensures that the operator is in prime condition – great for those large projects that require a lot of time. Therefore, this hedge trimmer for rent is great for landscaping. To see our other landscaping equipment for hire, click here.

Size and Specifications
  • Size of blade – 600mm
  • Tooth spacing  – 34mm
  • Engine Type – 2 stroke
  • Tank capacity – 280ml
  • Weight – 4.5kg
  • Displacement – 21.4㎤
  • Landscaping
  • Trimming Hedges
  • Shaping Hedges


Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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