Petrol Concrete Trowel Hire


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Petrol Concrete Trowel Hire Pricing

Daily $128.00

Weekend (2 days) $256.00

Weekly (5 days) $512.00


This petrol concrete trowel hire is practical, efficient, and most importantly safe. When hiring out this trowel machine, you can know that it is designed with safety in mind. Since you can stand behind the trowel as it operates, you have the control. Therefore, you can manoeuvre this trowel over concrete effectively. Thus, ensuring that your concrete looks professional, even, and in pristine condition. 

Secondly, this trowel machine hire ensures that the operator’s safety is paramount. The concrete trowel has a safety switch that is electronically powered. In addition, the concrete machine hire has a range of operable speeds with sensors. These features make sure that in an emergency situation, the machine will turn off safely and quickly. Thus, this is important to prevent any injuries in the workplace. So, you can hire this trowel machine with the confidence that you are looked after.

Better yet, this petrol concrete trowel has an array of speeds, depending on your needs. It has the option of operating at a lower speed which is suited to floating. In addition, it has a faster speed, which is designed for finishing the concrete. Better yet, there are four blades included with this machine hire. This means that the trowel can finish the concrete according to your needs. Consequently, this is an appropriate trowel machine hire for finishing off concrete. To see products which are suited to concreting and construction hire equipment, click here.

Size and Specifications:
  • Size – L:2005mm x W:915mmx H:1040
  • Diameter of Trowel- 915mm
  • Speed Range – between 60-125RPM
  • Range of Pitch – between 0-30 degrees
  • 4 blades
  • Capacity of fuel: 3.6L
  • Consumption of fuel: 1.8L/hour
  • Finishes for concrete
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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