Petrol Upright Rammer Hire


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Petrol Upright Rammer Hire Pricing

Daily $80

Weekend (2 days) $160

Weekly (5 days) $200


This petrol upright rammer hire is best for those wanting to compact earthy materials. While this is mostly used for soil compaction, it is also ideal for surfaces that are compacted with clay too. For instance, this would be ideal for compacting soil around pipes, posts, and for trenches. In addition, it is appropriate for creating foundations for houses and car parks. Thus, this petrol post rammer hire is very functional for outdoor use. 

Firstly, this petrol rammer is very powerful. Since it has a 2.7kw engine, the machine can handle the pressure required to use this tool effectively. Because of this, the engine is designed to ensure that the rammer is in top condition. Secondly, the chassis is durable too. This ensures that the machine can handle large forces of impact. Thus, this rammer can handle tough jobs. So, there is no need to stress about the functionality of this post rammer hire.

Moreover, due to the power this machine has, it is designed for professional use. So, if you are in the construction industry, this is just what you need. With a design for high-impact with low emissions, this machine saves you time and money. When hiring this out, you get a quality product that can be used for extended periods of time. So, enquire now. To find out more about our other trade equipment tools, click here.

Size and Specifications
  • Dimensions – L: 726mm x W: 345mm x H: 1084mm
  • Engine – 4 stroke, single-cylinder
  • Engine power – 2.7kw
  • Noise – 104dB (A)
  • Vibration – 11.9Hz
  • Fuel Tank Size – 3L Max
  • Fuel consumption – 0.8L/hour
  • Weight – 69kg
  • Compacting soil
  • Ideal for trenches, posts, and pillars
  • Foundations for houses and car park sites
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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