Pressure Washer 2000PSI Hire


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Pressure Washer 2000PSI Hire Pricing

Daily hire $100

Weekend hire (2 days) $200

Weekly Hire (5 days) $280


Our pressure washer 2000PSI for hire is ideal for any general or deep cleaning outdoors. For instance, this pressure washer hire is suited to cleaning automotive vehicles, concrete surfaces, driveways, and decks. Since it can clean grime off an array of surfaces, this is ideal for both personal and professional use. Therefore, this pressure washer hire is a fantastic cleaning equipment for your next outdoor project.

One of the advantages of this pressure washer hire is that it provides you with options. The pressure washer can clean surfaces and buildings with either clear water or detergent. By having this choice, you have the option to do a general or deep clean. In addition, the hose’s nozzle ensures that your cleaning job is thorough. This is because this pressure washer can reach difficult spots. Best of all, since the lance is adjustable, you can control the strength of water being sprayed. As a result, you save on water since it typically uses less than a garden hose.  Therefore, this pressure washer hire is efficient and practical. 

Better yet, this pressure washer hire is designed with ease of use in mind. With the hose on this pressure washer 2000PSI being 5m long, it can be used at a distance away. As a result, it provides you with the flexibility to move without constantly stopping. In addition, the wheels make moving this machine easy. Because of this, it only adds to the flexibility and portability of this pressure washer hire. So, contact our Cheema Hire team today about this pressure washer hire. Alternatively, to check out our other landscaping products, click here. For more about our construction products, press here

Size and Specifications
  • Power – 1800W
  • Flow Rate – 6.67L/min max
  • Hose Length – 5m
  • Cord Length – 5m
  • Weight – 7.7kg
  • Max Pressure – 2000PSI
  • Cleans driveways
  • Cleaning automotive vehicles
  • Cleans surfaces such as concrete, decks, bricks, paving
  • Ideal for all types of surfaces
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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