Pressure Washer 3000 PSI Hire


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Pressure washer 3000PSI Hire Pricing

Daily $275

Weekend (2 days) $330

Weekly (5 days) $1060


This pressure washer 3000PSI is designed for those who want the most out of their cleaning equipment hire. With a PSI of 3000, this machine has the potential to clean heavy duty machines, grease and oil stains, and strip off paint too. In addition, this pressure washer hire Sydney is also ideal for general cleaning of automotive vehicles, concrete, and driveways. So, regardless of whether it is used for personal or professional use, our pressure washer 3000PSI is versatile.

One of the advantages of this pressure washer hire Sydney is its ease of use. Since the pressure washer is built into a trolley, you can move it easily. This makes it a desirable pressure washer hire Sydney option. Due to its flexibility and portability, you can move it to where you need it most. Better yet, it has an easy recoil start system. As a result, the operator can use it efficiently and with ease. Therefore, this pressure washer 3000PSI can be used by both professionals and DIY-ers. 

Additionally, this pressure washer hire Sydney has a detergent and degreaser pickup option. This means that you can clean as you please. This pressure washer also has a four stroke petrol engine. Because of this, you save time since you do not have to add any oil to the engine. When compared to a two stroke engine, you have less stress. Thus, the four stroke engine ensures that you can focus on cleaning and stripping your paint. So, by hiring out this pressure washer hire Sydney, you get the best cleaning results. To find out more about our construction products, click here. Also, to find further details about our landscaping equipment, press here.

Size and Specifications
  • 7.0HP Petrol Pressure Washer
  • Max Pressure – 3200PSI
  • Industrial Grade 10m 4000PSI Hose
  • Weight – 38kg
  • Dimensions – 65omm x 500mm x 560mm
  • Flow Rate – 9 L/min
  • Recoil starting system
  • Cleaning of houses, sheds, and driveways
  • Cleaning heavy machinery
  • Peeling paint off of surfaces
  • Ideal for all types of surfaces.
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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