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Rotary Hoe / Cultivator Tiller Hire Pricing

Daily rate of $128

Weekend (2 days) $250

Weekly (5 days) $450


Our rotary hoe hire Sydney is perfect for those working with soft soil and compact earthy materials. Ideal for both establishing garden beds and lawns, this tiller is an appropriate landscaping tool. So, if you were needing to break up soil, this rotary hoe hire Sydney is perfect. Enquire now before it sells out!

This rotary hoe hire Sydney considers quality materials, power, and ergonomics in its design. With a four-stroke engine, this garden tiller is fuel efficient. As a result, this tiller can be used for longer periods of time without compromising on performance. Therefore, you get the most use out of the petrol consumption; this is when compared to a two-stroke engine.

Better yet, this tiller has a simple 3 gear shifting system: neutral, forward, and reverse. With this system being located on the handle, this cultivator tiller is very operator-friendly. So, regardless of if you are an amateur or a professional, this rotary hoe is ideal. In addition, this cultivator tiller has an easy pull start system. The reverse and forward wheels also add to its ease of use. By having the option of moving forwards and backwards, you can sow soil in a timely manner. Therefore, this rotary hoe hire Sydney is a practical, fast, and a powerful garden tiller option. Enquire now with the Cheema hire team by heading to our contact us page. Meanwhile, you can check out our landscaping products here.

Size and Specifications
  • Engine – 212cc 4 stroke OHV single cylinder
  • Weight – 80kg
  • Engine output – 7HP
  • Dimensions – 1.25m x 0.47m x 1.16m
  • Fuel Tank Max – 3.6L
  • Tilling Width – 500mm
  • Tilling Depth – 175mm to 350mm
  • Big 12″ Strong Tyres
  • Height Adjustable handle
  • Turning hard clay soils to prepare garden beds or soil for new turf.
  • Turning soft soil and lawns
  • Preparing garden for sowing
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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