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Tile Breaker Hire Pricing

Daily $120

Weekend (2 days) $180

Weekly (5 days) $480


This tile breaker is a fast, powerful, and time-efficient demolition tool. Designed specifically to break ceramic tiles, it is suitable for kitchen, bathroom, laundry or general flooring renovations. Anywhere where there is a ceramic tile or wet area, this tool would be suited. So, whether it is for professional use or a DIY job, this tile breaker hire is practical.

A major advantage of hiring this tile breaker is how ergonomic it is. With an in-built electric actuator, this tool is adjustable. More specifically, the chisel can be adjusted between 20 to 60 degrees. Therefore, you can adjust the chisel angle according to the size and weight of the tiles. This ensures results which are accurate. Thereby, you save time and can use it with ease. In addition, this tile breaker hire includes an angle indicator. As a result, you can easily break tiles at accurate angles. This means that your tile breaking is equipt and professional. So, look no further as this tile breaker hire is ergonomic and practical.

Furthermore, this demolition tool prioritises comfort and safety. This tile breaker has an electric powered hydraulic arm. As a result of this design, it reduces the physical effort required by the operator. In addition, the wheels are strong and durable. Thus, they are designed to handle demolitions on any worksite. Best of all, this demolition tool for hire is foldable too. This makes it easy to transport – and can even fit into the boot of your car! Therefore, this is ideal for those who are working on multiple job sites. Thus, speak to our friendly team about this product for hire. For details on how best to reach us, head to our ‘contact us’ page. Meanwhile, check out our other demolition hire tools by clicking here.

Size and Specifications
  • Chisel Width (in) –  1, 2, 3″
  • Impact Force – 2 to 8 joules
  • Output Speed – 100rpm to 3600rpm
  • Motor Size – 1300w
  • Weight – 25kg
  • Dimensions – L: 640mm x W: 390mm x  H: 1200mm
  • Removal of ceramic tiles with less effort.
  • Suitable for tiled floors and wet areas
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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