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Daily $32.00

Weekend (2 days) $64.00

Weekly (5 days) $85.00


This wheelbarrow hire is very functional since it has a variety of uses. Anywhere that requires items or materials to be moved at once, this wheelbarrow is suited. If you were planning on doing yard work or are needing to clear out some unwanted items, this wheelbarrow hire is very appropriate. Since this is designed for tradespeople, it is highly useful on construction sites and more. So, if you want to save time and labour on clearing out materials, then this wheelbarrow hire is a great option. 

Since this wheelbarrow rental is designed for construction, it is very strong. It has a heavy duty bowl and arms that can hold up to 100L of weight. This means that you can store a lot of wasted or unwanted items inside the tub. For instance, you can pile up the following materials in our wheelbarrow hire: bricks, rocks, furniture, wood, or weeds and more.  Better yet, it has a grip handle as well to ensure that you can safely manoeuvre the wheelbarrow safely. 

In addition, the safety features designed in this wheelbarrow hire do not stop there. The width of the rim, with it being quite wide, makes this wheelbarrow a stable option. This is certainly something you can rely on for moving materials around a job site. Furthermore, the wide wheel and legs only adds to the stability of the wheelbarrow. Thus, ensuring that our wheelbarrow rental can be used on an array of surfaces. To find out more about our other construction equipment for hire, click here.

Sizing and Specifications:
  • Size of wheelbarrow- L:1580mm x W:660mm x H:660mm
  • Capacity of tub: 100L
  • Based tub size: 500mm x 500mm
  • Construction work
  • Landscaping – Garden and Yard work
  • House clean outs
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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