Ladder 1.5m Hire


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Double Sided Step ladder 1.5m Hire Pricing

Daily $27

Weekend (2 days) $40

Weekly (5 days) $110


Our step ladder hire Sydney is lightweight, strong, and versatile. With this step ladder hire being 1.5m tall, it can reach areas that are difficult to access. It is best suited to those who are doing one-man jobs or are working on a jobsite. So, enquire now about this ladder hire Sydney. This is a great trade equipment hire tool that you do not want to miss out on. 

The major advantage of this ladder hire Sydney is its weight. Since it weighs approximately 12kg, it is lightweight. As a result, manoeuvring this step ladder could not be any easier. Its lightweight design means that you can transport it to multiple places. Therefore, it is ideal for maintenance jobs which cover a wide surface area. For instance, it is appropriate for painting, maintaining hedges, changing light bulbs, and more. Thus, this ladder hire Sydney can operate efficiently. 

Another benefit of this 1.5m step ladder rental is that it is double sided. Due to this, this ladder hire Sydney is strong and durable. It provides the operator with the flexibility and choice of standing on both sides. So, this ensures that you can work with ease. Better yet, our hire rates are affordably priced. With the choice of hiring this from a day to a week or more, you only hire it for as long as you need. As a result, you can rely on us to provide a trade equipment hire service which is efficient. Thus, speak with the team about this 1.5m step ladder hire Sydney. To contact the Cheema Hire team, press here. Meanwhile, to see our other ladder hire Sydney products, click here.


Size and Specifications

Height – 1.445m (5ft)

Weight – 12.80 kg

  • Painting, cleaning, gardening
  • General maintenance in tall areas
  • Ideal for hard to reach spaces such as ceilings
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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