Nifty EWP (Elevated Work Platform) Hire


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Nifty EWP (elevated work platform) Hire Pricing

Daily $250

Weekend (2 days) $500

Weekly (5 days) $825


This Nifty EWP hire Sydney is highly practical, flexible, and has maximum outreach. Designed to reach those hard to access areas, this Nifty EWP (elevated work platform) hire makes maintenance simple. For instance, it is great for accessing the roofs of houses, restricted areas, and multi-levelled dwellings. Thus, this machine is suitable for small industrial projects and domestic areas. So, speak with our friendly team about this EWP hire Sydney service. 

This EWP is designed to be highly transportable. With a row towable chassis, moving this EWP is easy. Since it is trailer mounted, it can be towed by a small vehicle or a four wheel drive car. Because of this, it is appropriate for those working on multiple sites. In addition, the transportability does not stop there. This EWP hire Sydney also has telescopic axels. The major benefit of these axels are that they are retractable. As a result, the Nifty EWP can get through narrow spaces and openings. For instance, it can pass through restricted access spaces and even indoor locations. Thus, this EWP hire Sydney is fantastic for seemingly inaccessible spots.

Better yet, our EWP hire Sydney has a cage which can hold up to 200kg. Due to this, the cage can fit two operators, with their tools, quite easily. Therefore, hiring out this Nifty EWP saves you time. Best of all, the cage also has in-built hydraulic levers. This allows for the operators to easily navigate the boom controls. So, this EWP hire Sydney is practical, efficient, and easy to use. To find out the best way to contact us, click here. For more information about our product range, press here.

Size and Specifications
  • Working Height – 12.2m
  • Working outreach – 6.1m
  • Platform Height – 10.2m
  • Machine Dimensions – L:4.5m x W:1.5m x H:1.9m
  • Safe Working Load – 200kg
  • Cage Dimensions – D:0.65m x W:1.1m
  • Installation work – ie signs
  • Painting¬†
  • Cleaning gutters
  • Maintenance work
  • Tree lopping
Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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