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If you were after a versatile Sydney trailer hire service, look no further. Our flat-top trailer hire is large, strong and flexible. With the size of this flat-top being 21m x 8.6m, it can carry heavy loads. For instance, this table top trailer can be suitable for transporting machinery and heavy goods.* So, this Sydney trailer hire is ideal for bigger construction or moving projects. Enquire now with the Cheema Hire team before it sells out.

This Sydney trailer hire is our most varied one yet. With a flat-top design, it can carry a range of goods. The functions of this Sydney trailer hire includes transporting plants, machinery, construction equipment, and more. Thus, this flat-top trailer has multiple functions. Since table-top trailers are renowned for their versatility, you cannot go wrong! Better yet, the flat-top design makes loading goods on and off the trailer easy. Since it has no headboard along the sides and back, it is easily accessible. Therefore, this Sydney trailer hire is very functional.

Above all, this Sydney trailer hire prioritises safety. Embedded into the design of this trailer is a number of safety features. Firstly, the trailer has amber reflectors which are located on both sides of the trailer. This ensures that the trailer can safely transport goods during the day and night. Therefore, this Sydney trailer hire is reliable and safe. Secondly, it has a steel headboard frame at the front of the trailer. This is very beneficial for both the driver and their passengers. This is because the headboard acts as a barrier between the load on the trailer and the vehicle. So, when sudden braking occurs, the load will hit the headboard first. Thus, preventing injuries and accidents. Furthermore, this Sydney trailer hire combines safety and practicality. To find out more about our other trailer products, click here

Size and Specifications
  • Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) – 3.5 Tonne/ 3,500kg
  • Tare Weight – 1.1 Tonne/ 1,100kg
  • Tandem Style Trailer
  • Electric Brakes
  • Moving machinery between job sites
  • Transporting vehicles
  • Transporting goods


*Please always check if your vehicle can tow this flat top trailer. In particular, it is advised to check your vehicle’s towing capacity. It is also important to check the carrying capacity rating of your tyres.

Hiring Terms

Daily Hire, Weekend Hire, Weekly Hire


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